Welcome to Conscious Conversations with Forrest Leichtberg, our podcast at the Consciousness Network. Through this podcast, our founder, Forrest Leichtberg, interviews leaders relevant to the higher consciousness community on a regular basis. We launched the podcast in January 2018.

Below you may find published episodes of Conscious Conversations with Forrest Leichtberg. Enjoy!

  • January 2018: Interview with Christine Lang. Click here to hear the interview!
    • “For this episode, I interviewed Christine Lang, a previous speaker of ours. Christine is a skilled medical intuitive and the founder of NuVibration, a unique supplement company. We discussed the messages we all receive through physical symptoms, how to decrease stress and experience peace, and her new supplement line, NuPeace. I have worked with Christine for nearly a decade and have experienced drastic, sometimes astounding results in my well-being and quality of life. Her new supplement has also been very effective in balancing and calming the central nervous system, both in myself and others. Enjoy!” – Forrest Leichtberg