Past and Present Sponsors

DeDominic & Associates



DeDominic & Associates are consultants and coaches to high achieving organizations.  Coaching professionals in entrepreneurial and social enterprises, DeDominic & Associates helps professionals leverage their impact and assets. DeDominic & Associates is an award winning business consulting group working with business leader clients to achieve their definition of success. Whether they are about to climb their first mountain, stepping down from running a billion dollar enterprise, or looking for the perfect individual to fill a new role, it helps to have a skilled guide and partner. DeDominic & Associates love helping achievers soar.  They work with CEOs, executives, boards and founders to enhance personal effectiveness.


  • Introductions and strategic connections
  • Business Coaching
  • Board member and executive development
  • Exit Strategy planning, change management and strategic decision support
  • Referrals to Certified Professionals worldwide
  • Mastermind Coaching Groups


Montecito Urban Farms


Located in Summerland, CA, Montecito Urban Farms is a commercial food grower utilizing a patented vertical food production system by Tower Garden® and Future Growing, LLC. Tower Gardens are 8-foot tall towers with built-in “chambers” where plant roots are suspended in air and intermittently soaked with a nutrient-rich, mineral based solution. The Tower Gardens are highly efficient, producing food in a fraction of the time that the same crops would require when grown in traditional soil. Most lettuces, herbs, and leafy greens can be produced in 3 to 5 weeks as a mature living plant with the roots intact.

In addition to the commercial growing operation for local restaurants, Montecito Urban Farms provides a variety of products and services for residential home gardens. Smaller, home versions of the Tower Gardens are available for purchase as are half-day workshops to learn how to grow all your own fruits and vegetables in your own back yard using the Tower Garden and organic growing techniques.  Seedlings of 100% non-GMO plants are grown onsite and available for purchase.


Relationship N’ You Seminars


Join Dale Hallaway, Spiritual Leader and Relationship Expert, in this life-enriching weekend seminar series where you can learn how to transform your relationships!


Empowerment Holdings


Empowerment Holdings assists business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with the integration of conscious business principles and conscious business skills into their professional lives and businesses following personal leadership development plans.

Temple SB


At Temple, skilled coaches and trainers take a mind-body-spirit approach to help their clients design and implement a personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan that has them feeling strong and vibrant from the inside out.

Temple is not only a fitness studio, but also a community of open hearted, forward thinking friends cultivating connection, responsibility, body wisdom, consciousness and playfulness for a satisfying, beautiful life.

Their “Work in. Work out.” philosophy encourages balance by respecting evolving daily needs for invigorating, hard, Yang or rejuvenating, gentle, Yin activities. They help their clients cultivate vibrant life energy with a sweaty circuit class or a silent meditation depending on what’s right for their clients’ bodies.

Temple is blazing trails with a modern, intelligent, holistic new approach to fitness and nutrition. It’s personal, it’s effective, it’s a paradigm shift in the way human beings relate to food, body and life.