Clothing Drive


4,000 Articles of Clothing Donated by Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners—and Distributed by San Marcos High School Students—Pushes The Consciousness Network Donations to All-Time High

July 9, 2017— (Santa Barbara, CA)—June was a breakthrough month for the ongoing clothing drive spearheaded by The Consciousness Network™—a leader for the promotion of conscious living—as it succeeded in raising enough clothing to help thousands of the Santa Barbara area’s homeless.

The drive is an ongoing project at the Network’s Consciousness Expo & Symposium events — formerly known as “Conscious Networking Events.” These Santa Barbara events attract like-minded people from Southern California to nurture collaboration for a better world and to serve the community.

Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners of Santa Barbara, one of America’s leading dry cleaners, donated approximately 4,000 articles of unclaimed clothing. To distribute them, The Consciousness Network™ arranged for them to be picked up by San Marcos High School’sReduce, Reuse and Restore” program, whose students provided the enthusiasm and manpower to get the job done. The clothing was delivered to various non-profits and shelters, including: The Salvation Army, Transition House, Noah’s Anchorage, and Rescue Mission. Other community donations are scheduled through the summer for delivery by the Consciousness Network.

Led by The Consciousness Network’s award-winning founder, Forrest Leichtberg, the drive has grown tremendously since its inception nine months ago. “I am thrilled!” says Leichtberg, “We were able to distribute more clothes than there are homeless people in the area. We will help as many as we can.”


Forrest Leichtberg

Sasha Ablitt of Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners says, “The Ablitt family has been dry cleaning for four generations. Ablitt’s core values are service, gratitude, and growth. We always look for ways to serve our community and those in need. Working with our clients, we contribute assistance to those less fortunate in our community.”


Sasha Ablitt and Forrest Leichtberg

Sage Streeter and Bryan Shott, learned that landfills lead habitat destruction and that most things are not recycled or reused, so they created “Reduce, Reuse, Restore” to serve two purposes:

  • To gather clothes and help those in need, helping the environment through reuse;
  • To collect and resell used school supplies, showing students how easy it is to make a difference.

“Collaborating with The Consciousness Network™ was a perfect solution,“ says Sage. “A win-win for all.”


SMHS Students

The Consciousness Network™ is a leader of community-building, conscious business support, inspirational events, and world-class speakers.

To donate clothing, please email us or call us at 1-805-364-2362.