Welcome to the Consciousness Network™!

In addition to our past speakers, which include Gay and Katie Hendricks, Rinaldo Brutoco, and Christine Lang, Byron Katie will be speaking, among many other wonderful speakers in the times ahead. To be notified our future events, please sign up for our mailing list on this page.

The Consciousness Network™ is an award-winning organization that is bridging the world’s change agents for maximum impact. We are nurturing an extraordinary culture to which we deliver powerful, authentic experiences that uplift, support, and strengthen the entire community personally, professionally, and collectively. We support and accelerate the conscious evolution and positive transformation of humanity.

Among the events we host on a consistent basis is our premier Consciousness Expo & Symposium series (formerly known as “Conscious Networking Event & Expo”), which is pioneering a new development within the field of personal and collective transformation. We welcome you and are excited for your participation!

Wishing you the very best in all things,

The Consciousness Network™